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    What you can Expect.

    When we represent a seller, we have your best interests at heart. Whether you’re selling a $10,000 home or a $10 million home, you will get our full attention, 24/7 availability, top notch staging advice, professional marketing, tough negotiating skills , and amazing photographers as well as our expert and honest advice. We believe it’s our job to not only sell your home for the highest price, but to do so quickly with as little stress and interruption in your life as possible. We go above and beyond for every seller, assist in arranging for our contractors to do repairs during the inspection period, to helping you find professional packers and movers. Still need more proof that we’re really good at what we do?

    What we do different than the next agent.

    When it comes to selling your home we go above and beyond! We use a professional photographer to capture your home in the best possible light. In most cases we use an drone to capture not only your home but your surroundings. We have an expert marketing specialist that places your listing on all our social media outlets and we pay for additional advertising through these sites as well as many print ads. We work as a team. You don't just get one agent you get us all!

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